All of us has many problems in life, and we have to work hard to earn money. We all know that the most common cause of issues in life is financial. Well, not all people have a stable income and making lots of money. Not all people who have worked have a good life. All of us experienced pain and struggles in life. Perhaps that is how important a family, a partner or friends in our life. We need them to comfort us, and we have someone to talk to eases the pain in us. We need someone to help us go through our journey in life. You know the famous line of “no man is an island” means that a person cant live alone. It says that we need someone in our life to make it more fun and enjoyable to live in.


I thanked God for the blessings I have in life. It was just a dream before, and now I am living my life now. Some people look at me like trash back and it is not easy dealing with them. I tried my best to fit in the society, but people let me feel that I don’t belong with them. You will feel the difference between poor and rich. Maybe because people nowadays treated human what is your status in life and that is unfair.


I encounter lots of criticism in life, degrading and many things. Because of it, I am more motivated in life. Those people inspire me a lot to dream big. Instead of being depressed and gave a lot of time with them, I will use it to make my life changed. I don’t want to become impoverished for all of my life. I want to experience a comfortable life even how hard it is maybe. Many people had discouraged me already because they see me trying, but I will never allow them to distract my focus. I knew what I want in life, and will never give up on it.


My parents had not finished their education, and it was also the reason why they do not have a stable income. My father is a construction worker; sometimes he doesn’t have a job when the contract ends. My mom indulges herself in many kinds of work, like a household, dishwasher, seller, etc. I am so proud of them because they always look for ways to be a good provider in the family. Even though that there are times in a day we don’t have food and sleep starving. I knew that it is tough for them seeing us without eating, I knew they tried their best, and I promise them that one day I will give them a good life. Some days are difficult especially when both of them do not have work, sometimes, we eat once a day, and we spend the day talking about our dreams in life to forget being starving. I knew that they suffer a lot than us. I knew that even they work throughout the day it won’t be enough for us because of the low wage.


I wanted to study and finish school. But our situation in life is not easy at all. My parents already told me that they can’t afford to send me to school. And I was so desperate to work to continue schooling. The good thing is I am also a scholar, and it helps me to have fewer fees in school. Perhaps there are also people who believe in me, especially when I met my girlfriend. She is a beautiful woman and hoping that she will be with me throughout this journey. We shared lots of memories together, she knew my dreams in life and supported me. Out of all the people, she pushes me to become my better self. She is always there to make me happy and assured me that through hard work and determination, I could finally reach my dreams in life. I am thankful for her existence. One month left I finally finish my college, but instead of happiness, it filled with emotions because she died. She doesn’t want me to mourn on my graduation day; she left me a little money with a note to book a London escort to be with me. I followed her last wish, and book a London escort. London escort are beautiful ladies, and  I can’t believe that at such low prices that these London escorts have such amazing women